Comparison between Android and Stock Android..??

As the review suggests the people are eager to use the Android smartphone than other phones. Although there is another platform as well. But people find it difficult to use other. It is simpler to use and friendly to the people’s minds. Later came a competition with android which survived in the market and gave a tough a competition to Andriod. But again it is back with its features.

But 8 years later, I’m not so sure. I’ve been noticing the details of the Andriod skin which was first started by the HTC Sense along back in 2009. Since then I have used the many of its upgrades and now its two versions.

Stock Android is no longer the best Android:

The Next Web technology is out here which makes us more powerful and easy to complete a task but will people like it. Android fanboys hold two truths to be self-evident, Android is better than iOS, and the closer to stock (or AOSP), but better. To the tech-savvy user, an Android skin is, at best, with an unnecessary inconvenience. Basically, we need certain things to work out in our daily life.

The traditional arguments against skins and manufacturer tweaks are plenty. some say this, some say that…likewise:

Skins are uglier than Stock Android.

They add unnecessary bloatware or duplicate apps. And slow down your phone.

They are inconsistent with Material Design in apps.

Upgradation of the software is slow. Android is more confusing according to them.

They drain the battery.


But as devices become more powerful and manufacturers get better at optimization, many variants of new processors are out here, new design, compatibility, improved UI.

Stock Android is the pure version of Android that is directly provided by Google without any modifications. Actually, this version gets the upgrades fast and the UI set by the Google are all same and easy to use. And everything is same else the UI set by them from there brands.

Are available for Nexus devices, which means that all the Nexus devices come with Stock Android by default. It means the OS that explains how Android OS should be. But when I reviewed the Huawei Mate 9, which is about as far from stock Android as it gets, I was surprised to find performance as buttery as any device I’ve used – and moreover, that it’s held up over the months. And last but not least the Android again won the hearts of the users.
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