Dhinchak pooja’s exclusive interview…

Dhinchak Pooja the unconditional story:

Today Dhinchak Pooja is famous for her entertaining songs and her unrelated lyrics that is specially made by her for us. She is the sensational singer for the newcomer. And a great ex. how Facebook can make you make you famous without any reason.

The Internet has given us a platform which is not only cheap but also has a huge reach. And this quality of the web and social media becomes a boon for those who may not have got a chance to showcase their talent (as they think they have) to the world.

Dhinchak Pooja is the latest Internet sensation who is going viral because of her own style of singing which might be unbearable for most of us. However, we just can’t underestimate her as she has created an environment for herself, whether you like her singing or not.

She has released three videos which are not only breaking the Internet but also breaking common man’s belief that people like melodious music. Dhinchak Pooja has shaken the world of music or rather we should say that she has given singing a whole new definition which is not at all easy to the ear.

Pooja is also available on social networking site Facebook and her page has received 92,500 likes and nearly 95,000 followers:

BY this you can understand that even if you don’t have talent, you might become famous by your intelligence. And might get a huge fan following of haters instead.


She very clearly states that a person should not set limits on his/her unlimited potentials and we do agree with her on that. In fact, one user is so impressed with her confidence that he wrote this:

#dhinchak pooja’s  exclusive interview… click this@


Her confidence level is matchless and we really love her for this! What about you?

The confidence level of her is too high that after knowing about her voice instead she started singing. A grand salute at her thinking skills.


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