Impact of GST on New Bike.

After the launch of Gst in India from July 1, 2017, there is a big furore/chaos around in every person’s mind. No one knows about the new price and the tax introduced in the nationwide.

Here is info about the two-wheelers how they affected:

Bikes with engine capacities under 350cc get taxed at 28 percent, while those over 350cc get an additional 3 percent cess, taking their effective tax to 31 percent. The previous tax structure for two-wheelers was about 30.2 percent. Which means smaller capacity bikes now get taxed less and there is a marginal increase for higher capacity ones.There is a slight change in the prices of various two-wheelers in the market, let’s see. By taking a close look at the price we have brought this data to you.


Royal Enfield:

This company price has increased from the previous one, by 3%. Depending on engine capacity, the increases range from a few hundred to a few thousand rupees. However, as ex-showroom prices have nearly equalised across the country, prices for under 350cc models have dropped in some cities like Chennai.




Pre-GST price Post-GST price


Classic 350


Rs 1,34,919


Rs 1,35,378


Classic 500


Rs 1,71,423


Rs 1,75,687


These two models are generally purchased in India. If need the upper model price comment below.



Nearly all of Yamaha’s models on offer in the country fall in the 28 percent GST bracket and have seen price changes. The company has been extremely proactive about its post-GST pricing and the website now reflects the new prices for all their models in all states.





Pre-GST price


Post-GST price


YZF-R15 v2.0


Rs 1,19,788


Rs 1,18,838




Rs 83,674


Rs 83,042




Rs 81,611


Rs 81,040


Rs 1,20,385


Rs 1,19,335




Rs 55,015


Rs 54,593



Hero MotoCorp:

The biggest producers of  India in the two-wheelers market, and maker too. It has decreased the rates by Rs 400 to Rs 2,000 as heard. As depending on the location, the prices vary before Gst but now all are same. All the benefits are there for the consumers to get the discount of Rs 4000 around in the new Bike. There is a slight change in the bikes because all the bikes come under GST rule that is 28%.



TVS has announced similar benefits as Hero MotoCorp, with their commuter segment models getting a reduction in the range of Rs 350 to Rs 1,500, depending on the state. The company’s premium motorcycles such as the Apache RTR 200 have become cheaper by around Rs 4,150, subject to the location of purchase.



This company has changed its price after the launch of GST, the structure of increment in the bikes are down below. Surprisingly, even the 200 Duke, RC 200, and 250 Duke, which fall under the 350cc category and attract 2 percent less tax under GST have become dearer. The price of the RC 390 has gone up by Rs 5,797. However, 2017 390 Duke has got the least increase of just Rs 628.




Pre-GST Price


Post-GST Price


200 Duke


Rs 1,43,500


Rs 1,47,563


250 Duke


Rs 1,73,000


Rs 1,77,424


390 Duke


Rs 2,25,730


Rs 2,26,358


RC 200


Rs 1,71,740


Rs 1,76,527


RC 390


Rs 2,25,300


Rs 2,31,097





The revised version of HMSI current model has received a slight price drop in the market after the GST. The company’s highest-selling bike, the Activa 4G, saw a reduction of only Rs 442 in its ex-showroom Delhi price. The company’s premium offering in the 150-160cc category, the CB Hornet 160R got Rs 724 knocked off its price in the same city.



While the company hasn’t released any numbers, they’re looking at a reduction in prices of its Indian-made bikes. As they all fall in the under 350cc bracket and only attract an overall tax rate of 28 percent. The big imports such as the GSX-R1000, Suzuki  Hayabusa and V-Strom 1000, however, would attract increased in the taxation of 3 percent as cess applicable to bikes over 350cc.  Suzuki has also said that the benefits will be given soon to the customers as the product will be available.


Indian Motorcycle:

American bike maker Indian Motorcycle has announced a reduction in prices of its motorcycles by up to 12 percent following GST. The Indian Scout is cheaper by Rs 1.76 lakh to Rs 12.99 lakh. The Indian Dark Horse sees a price reduction of Rs 2.15 lakh and now costs Rs 21.25 lakh. Price for The Indian Classic Chief has reduced by Rs 2.21 lakh and it now costs Rs 21.99 lakh.

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