Impact of GST on New Cars.

With GST now implemented, we take a look at its impact on car prices. While most vehicle categories were expected to see a reduction in taxation. It remained to be seen how much of this benefit was going to be passed down to the consumer.

After the launch of Gst in India from July 1, 2017, there is a big furore/chaos around in every person’s mind. No one knows about the new price and the tax introduced in the nationwide. SO, With the new tax structure now in effect, most cars from major manufacturers have seen reductions, but hybrids are subject to a 12.7 percent hike in effective tax.


Let me tell you the new price of the cars after the GST effect:



Honda has announced GST price cuts on various models ranging from Rs. 5,000 for the Amaze and up to Rs. 28,000 for the City. CR-V entry level variant is cheaper by 1,24,000 while the pricing for the Honda Accord hybrid remains the same. As decided by the Honda the new price is all set by the seeing the GST. Many offers have also been provided by the automaker for the customers.


Honda car prices after GST (ex-showroom):-
Model name Price (Pre-GST) Price (Post-GST)
Honda Brio Rs 4.74- 6.87 lakh Rs 4.66- 6.75 lakh
Honda Amaze Rs 5.59 – 8.52 lakh Rs 5.58- 8.47 lakh
Honda Jazz Rs 5.95 – 9.27 lakh Rs 5.89 – 9.19 lakh
Honda WR-V Rs 7.75 – 9.99 lakh Rs 7.66 – 9.91 lakh
Honda City Rs 8.62 – 13.71 lakh Rs 8.46 – 13.43 lakh
Honda BR-V Rs 9.12 – 13.14 lakh Rs 8.93 – 13.04 lakh
Honda CR-V Rs 22.64 – 26.79 lakh Rs 21.53 – 25.47 lakh



Maruti Suzuki:

The most selling automaker of India is Maruti Suzuki. That has updated its prices and is offering up to a 3 percent cut on most models. The Ciaz and Ertiga types of diesel cars will get price hikes of Rs 1.88 and Rs 1.69 lakh, respectively, due to the increase in duty and in the hybrid version.

Maruti prices after GST (ex-showroom):-


Model name Price (Pre-GST) Price (Post-GST)
Maruti Alto 800 Rs 2.46-3.67 lakh Rs 2.45-3.72 lakh
Maruti Alto K10 Rs 3.27-4.12 lakh Rs 3.26-4.11 lakh
Maruti Celerio Rs 4.04-5.24 lakh Rs 4.03- 5.23 lakh
Maruti Wagon R Rs 4.11-5.33 lakh Rs 4.10-5.31 lakh
Maruti Swift Rs 4.80-7.46 lakh Rs 4.79-7.46 lakh
Maruti Dzire Rs 5.45-9.41 lakh Rs 5.42-9.39 lakh
Maruti Ignis Rs 4.59-7.80 lakh Rs 4.56-7.54 lakh
Maruti Baleno Rs 5.28-8.43 lakh Rs 5.27-8.42 lakh
Maruti Ciaz Rs 7.72-9.56 lakh Rs 7.65-11.44 lakh


Tata Motors:

Tata Motors has announced a price cut of up to 12 percent in the range of Rs 3,300 to Rs 2,17,000 depending on the model and variant. The detail of price list is not been shown until now but announced the affected prices will be applied on the models.



Mahindra is also the leading producers of the Utility vehicle. They announced a reduction in prices after GST in large UVs, SUVs by an average of 6.9 percent. Prices of small cars have been cut by an average of 1.4 percent. These price changes to end-customers will vary across states or even cities within a state, due to the differing levels of pre-GST local taxes. And increase in Hybrid models.



Toyota has also changed the prices after GST which affects the customers. The Innova Crysta prices have dropped by up to Rs 1.14 lakh and the Fortuner by up to Rs 2.69 lakh. With GST making no differentiation between mild and full hybrids, the prices of the hybrid Prius and Camry (both full hybrids) too, have been hiked by Rs 5.24 lakh and Rs 5.1 lakh, respectively.


Toyota car prices post-GST(ex-showroom):
Model name Price (Pre-GST) Price (Post-GST)
Toyota Etios Liva Rs 5.39-7.53 lakh Rs 5.20-7.29 lakh
Toyota Etios sedan Rs 6.64-8.98 lakh Rs 6.65-8.60 lakh
Toyota Innova Crysta Rs 14.20-21.40 lakh Rs 13.30-20.07 lakh
Toyota Innova Touring Rs 17.79-22.15 lakh Rs 16.67- 20.77 lakh
Toyota Corolla Altis Rs 15.87- 19.81 lakh Rs 14.88-18.67 lakh
Toyota Fortuner Rs 26.66-31.86 lakh Rs 24.40-29.17 lakh
Toyota Camry Hybrid Rs 31.98 lakh Rs 37.22 lakh
Toyota Prius Hybrid Rs 38.96 lakh Rs 44.06 lakh




The British automaker Audi has also dropped its prices across its range too.The luxury car maker is also down due to GST. The base models have a rise in price but the premium one has dropped down. Here’s what the models cost now:


Audi car prices post GST:-


Model name Price (Pre-GST) Price (Post-GST)
Audi A3 Rs 30.50-35.80 lakh Rs 30.77-35.29 lakh
Audi A4 Rs 38.10-43.30 lakh Rs 38.40-42.66 lakh
Audi A6 Rs 52.75- 53.75 lakh Rs 51.93- 52.91 lakh
Audi A8 Rs 1.15-1.20 crore Rs 1.14-1.19 crore
Audi Q3 Rs 32.20-41.20 lakh Rs 32.48-40.60 lakh
Audi Q7 Rs 72.90-80.95 lakh Rs 70.12-77.84 lakh



Land Rover:

All variants of the locally produced Discovery Sport and Evoque get cheaper with price cuts ranging up to Rs.4.28 lakh and Rs 4.43 lakh, respectively. Imported models, including the Range Rover Sport and Range, get price cuts on certain variants.

Land Rover SUV prices post GST:


Model name Price (Pre-GST) Price (Post-GST)
Land Rover Discovery Sport Rs 43.80-57.16 lakh Rs 40.04-52.88 lakh
Range Rover Evoque Rs 45.85-61.40 lakh Rs 42.37-56.97 lakh
Range Rover Sport Rs 86.80 lakh-1.77 crore Rs 89.44 lakh- 1.78 crore
Range Rover Rs 1.57-3.47 crore Rs 1.58-3.43 crore



Jaguar, too, has offered a significant reduction in the prices of its locally assembled models. The F-Type sports car though is more expensive now. And the release of Jaguar E-pace will also make it quite effective for the buyers.


Jaguar prices post GST:


Model name Price (Pre-GST) Price (Post-GST)
Jaguar XE Rs 37.25-46.34 lakh Rs 34.64-43.21 lakh
Jaguar XF Rs 47.50-60.50 lakh Rs 44.89-56.35 lakh
Jaguar XJ petrol Rs 1.03 crore Rs 97.39 lakh
Jaguar F-Pace SUV Rs 68.40 lakh- 1.22 crore Rs 67.37 lakh-Rs 1.10crore
Jaguar F-Type Rs 2.04 – 2.59 crore Rs 2.08 – 2.62 crore




The Korean maker has finally announced new pricing for its models with a reduction of up to 5.9%. After lots of meeting and discussion, the price list is out.


Hyundai prices post GST(ex-showroom):
Model Pre- GST price Post-GST price
Eon 3.32-4.60 lakh 3.31-4.56 lakh
Grand i10 4.59-7.37 lakh 4.55-7.30 lakh
Xcent 5.38-8.41 lakh 5.33-8.39 lakh
Verna 7.95-13.17 lakh 7.84-12.62 lakh
Creta 9.28-14.63 lakh 8.92-14.00 lakh
Elantra 13.00-19.31 lakh 12.48-18.46 lakh
Tucson 19.00-25.01 lakh 18.13-23.86 lakh
Santa Fe 29.58-33.00 lakh 27.86-31.07 lakh

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