Jio Phone FAQ-Features? Price? HotSpot? Unlimited?

Jio Phone Free…! FAQ-Features? Price? HotSpot? Unlimited?

As we all know Jio has launched its 4G featured phone which will be given at an effective price of Rs 0. But most of us are unaware of its conditions and also many of us have some of these questions in their mind about this phone like unlimited data, Hotspot, features, OS in phone etc. So, to make clear your doubt we have made some points on this phone which will make your doubt clear.

1.What do you mean by effective price Rs 0?

This means that we have to pay Rs 1500 as security deposit at the time of purchasing this phone which will be refunded to you after 3 years when you return this phone.


2. When this phone will be available to consumers?

This Jio phone will be available to the consumer after the Pre-Booking of this phone which will be available from their store or MyJio App from 24th of August 2017. The phone will be given as First Come First Serve basis to its consumer. Suppose you may get this phone on starting of September or at end of September or may be in October. It totally depends on the booking date of the phone.


3. What is the minimum plan needed for this phone?

The minimum plan for this phone is Rs 153 which is available for this phone only. With this plan, we can use unlimited data but up to 500 MB it will be on high speed after that it will be throttling at 128 kbps. But we can use unlimited calling, use of Unlimited Jio apps.


4. Will this phone support Hotspot feature?

There is no clear idea about phone hotspot features. But this phone may support Dual SIM feature.

5. Which OS is there in this phone?

This phone has no Android OS but some custom os features which gives smartphone like features in this phone. But we can download some of the apps on this phone like Whatsapp, facebook, youtube etc.

6. What are the additional features with this phone?

This phone comes with 22 regional languages of India. Also, It gives a voice assistant control for its various usage like to make a call or send any messages or play music etc.

Also, It is said that after an update of software a new feature of NFC to perform online payment can be made possible with this phone. So, these are some of the exciting features of this phone.



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