Mi Security details for Mi users.

MI security details:

Xiaomi is now the largest brand out in the market. And no.1 seller of the phone as per the records was shown. The Chinese brand manufacturer is coming out with a great product and lots of features. Recently it has launched the series of the lowest budget phone with great features which are taking all of the markets.

The best features I have used is the MI account for the MI users only. By which they get the extra security for their phone. No one can theft your data which is very important in our life. And now Xiaomi has also increased its security feature by the latest update.

Xiaomi has removed the hard reset option from the phone. By this thief have no option to delete the data and reuse your phone, they have no other option to return it back to you. By activating your Mi account in your phone you can track your phone down anywhere and anytime.

These are the steps down here to activate your new Mi account:-

  1. GO to the setting >Mi account>create an account> click on the sim with which you want to register>follow the steps.


  1.   >  >

These are following steps taken to register the new MI account.

By this, you can protect your phone and if any other try to snoop into your phone you will receive an msg about your device been snooped. Play Store is also providing some apps to protect your phone. Try this and secure your MI phone.

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