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Akshay Kumar

About Us

Hey there, welcome to MyBuddyBlog blogging website. My name is Akshay Kumar. I am a Tech Blogger who loves to explore about gadgets and other technology stuff. Beside this blogging, I am also a student from IT background. MyBuddyBlog is just an another task which I love to do apart from all my work. I love to write and with my that habit I turn myself to become a tech blogger. I have started blogging as it is giving me lots of new ideas to explore myself into my interests and always looking towards to keep myself updated with new upcoming gadgets and technology around the world.

MyBuddyBlog is not just a blogging website like any other blogging website but it is a knowledge sharing center which brings better posts in front of you about daily tech and gadgets and also various others fields which you will definitely love to explore around this site for sure.


Deep Raj

A website is all about the trust which is created by its audience around the internet and those trust become stronger when they find something special on your site. Then they love to come again to your site for the search of some great blogs to which may be somehow related to their life. They should feel informative as well as interesting on your blog rather than misguided.

In MyBuddyBlog you will not feel anything like misguided rather our blog which is posted on our site is quite interesting and in the same hand informative which help you in many ways in your life as after many kinds of research from the internet we post does blog into our site so that once audience come to this site we love to visit it again.

And at the last if you see anything wrong in the blog post or if you have any suggestion or feedback regarding our site we love to hear them out from you. So, please give your valuable suggestion to us through our contact page. We will definitely try to improve them in upcoming posts.

That’s all from our side.

Again Thanks for visiting.


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