Patanjali’s 5G smartphone, booking current, starting from 999.



Low-rated Patanjali’s 5-G smartphone, booking current, starting from 999:

It is not new to yoga guru and businessman Baba Ramdev and his company Patanjali’s headlines. But this time these two are in the discussion due to a fake news going on the Internet. However, some websites reported that Ramdev’s company, Patanjali, is going to launch 5G mobile phones in Patanjali P-1S5G in the Indian market and its advance booking has started.

Those who run such news have made the news based on the “rumour on the internet” basis. While no information has been given to launch such a phone from Ramdev or his company.

Variant colours of ur choice.

A website running this fake news has a various variant of this phone (Patanjali Gerua, Patanjali Pinki, Patanjali Neela, Patanjali Yangstan, Patanjali Eternal…) will be launched.


This website wrote that this Android phone will have a 2 GB RAM. A five-inch display and it will be free from the virus-bacteria. In the fake news, it says that the phone will support Sanskrit language and Patanjali app will be installed in advance.


Given the false information in the fake news, it was said that the price of this phone would be from Rs 999 to Rs 5000. It would be the cheapest 5-G mobile phone in the world.

Fraud reports claimed that these phones would be available for sale on all mobile retail outlets besides Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce websites.

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Web site running fake news has also given links to buy this phone to make fun of the people.

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  • Originally made by herbal products.

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