Paytm announced something very good for customers.

Paytm news:

As paytm have announced for the release of the PAYTM PAYMENTS BANK  on 23rd of may 2k17. And in which the customers will get lots of benefits from the bank. In the competitor market, only BHARTI AIRTEL (airtel) has offered the payment bank to the customer. Although it is providing a rate of interest of 7% per annum on the minimum deposit kept on the bank.

Interest rate:

As paytm is offering 4% as a rate of interest on the minimum deposit. By the rumour heard that the bank is free of cost for all the transaction like( IMPS, NEFT, RTGS) made through this. It is also heard that if the deposit limit is reached up to 25k or 387$ then there is cashback of 250rs to your account.

Now Paytm is officially approved by the RBI to launch its own bank know as PAYTM PAYMENTS BANK.  Now it is safer for transactions held during the transfer and payment.

So use Paytm and stay happy and safe.”PAYTM KARO”


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