Paytm is going to shut down your account after clicking this..

Sorry for the delay on the news:

But YES, this is true that PAYTM is closing the account of many customers by clicking on this link below. Every customer of the PAYTM is getting a message or a mail by the paytm. Don’t be confused by the msg or mail from them.

Yes on 23rd of may the paytm payment bank has been launched officially. And the customers has to enrol in it to get the benefits out to use. As the paytm suggests that the opting the ONE97 communication are not part of the paytm corporation. Now paytm has left the payment site and made of its own.

Consequences and Reason:

The message delivered to each paytm customer by paytm is:

One97 Communications Ltd. will be transferring the Wallet business to Paytm Payments Bank Ltd. on 23 May 2017. If you wish not to continue with your Wallet with Paytm Payments Bank, you can opt(choose) out before 23 May 2017 by sending an email to 

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