Ransomware attacks in India. World’s biggest cyber attack worldwide

What is Ransomware ?

Ransomware is basically a combination of 2 words ransom which means extortion or demand and ware comes from software.

So Ransomware is a type of malware which is designed to extort money from a victims.

How Ransomware affects your computer ?

Ransomware is malware which affects a computer in many ways. First it creates a encryption of flies of computer and spread throughout your system like a virus. After encryption of files and data you will not be able to access any data from your system unless it is decrypt by the same program.

And secondly it will block all the access to the victims computer means your computer will be totally hacked by the virus.


How Ransomware gets into your computer ?

The most common way these Ransomware virus gets in your computer is through internet via unknown E-mail or by visiting malicious websites and also by downloading unknown zip or rar file into your computer.

What Ransomware do after attacking your computer ?

As the name suggest Ransom it means it will demand money before destroying your data from computer. When this virus attack your computer it will display some messages on your computer and the amount which the hackers wants from victims. The amount differ from regions to regions but they had to pay in the form of Bitcoins which is a virtual currency in internet. After the successful payment only your data of computer will be decrypted.

How to protect your computer from these virus attack ?

You can protect your computer from these viruses by using these simple tips:-

1. Use a good company antivirus on your computer and if possible use the total security pack and always keep an update of it.

2. Don’t open attachment from any email unless you verify by the sender.

3. Don’t download any zip or rar file from internet or check and verify the site properly before downloading. If possible always keep a regular scan of these files before you open it.

4. Keep your system software updated because it update your security of computer.

5. Always use a backup for your system regularly.

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