Right to privacy, is it a law?

Is right to privacy a law or not?

I think the right to Privacy is as important to a person’s life as the daily routine. And Government has written no law in the Constitution for this. But is it necessary to be a law for our own privacy? I don’t know about that but some persons and have filed a complained in the court against their privacy been disturbed.

As the news is been flashed out in some channels that some persons have complained to the court of violating their privacy by the government. They said by giving their finger print and iris scan is not valid. For generating Adhar card the govt. need the person’s address prove, date of birth, finger print scan and iris scan. But some person complained that finger print scan and iris scan should not be taken. It might harm their personal security. No answer is provided by the court.

Still, I don’t understand what is the problem of some persons are. When they get a free product by giving the copy of their identification prove they didn’t hesitate. “But now for the govt. purpose their identification is asked they remember the right to privacy”.

The mentality of the person is same when they get free services they don’t hesitate in sharing their personal detail but when the govt. asks for it, becomes their privacy issue.

Let me tell you what is the right of privacy stands here:
  1. You have a right to choose how you build your house but the design has to be passed by the govt..
  2. You can decide where your children can study but the govt. decides whether your children can study or not.
  3. To live in the country is decided by you but the citizenship is given by the govt. and etc.

I know privacy is a right to everyone but where we are living we have to follow some rules and regulation of the country. No one has the right to interfere our personal life but complaining like this also is not good. The record of every person is needed to the govt. for our and their safety. It might be possible that two other person claims of being the same identity then how will the original be identified. It is for the safety of the citizen of India to give their necessary detail to the govt..

This is my point of view, what’s yours comment down the section below.Thank you for reading this.

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