Why heroes refuse to Lip-Lock with Rakul Preet singh?

Why Heroes Refuse To Lip-lock With Rakul Preet Singh?

In this generation, kissing scene is generally important for the film to success. And the actress has to perform such roles as per demand. Lip-lock and bikini are generally seen as the most common requirements for some commercial movies. However, a few are in the industry that has set their own rules for signing their movies.

The recent join in the film industry is Rakul Preet Singh, who is the most sought after Telugu heroine. The pretty actress has shown a cool intent towards lip-lock scenes, provided the same is demanded by the script.  And is captured in an artistic manner which doesn’t put the family audience into embarrassment.

 Lip-lock With Rakul Preet Singh?

Rakul Preet Singh also claimed that she was more seen as a girl next door due to her initial village backdrop based characters and that the actress is not ready to shed the gained image.

Well, sounds weird, isn’t it?

Some of the actors refused to do kiss scene in the movie due to some aspects. Some say it might affect the film production, and for some, it might be not good for family aspects.

It has been reported that the growing concern about the film, among a few of our heroes are due to the fact that, movies which have involved the 26-year-old actress in a lip-lock scene has tanked at the box office and is not seen as a good sign for the movie’s prospect in terms of commercial aspects.

It is a mindset of this generation that a kiss scene or a hot scene by the actress can only give a good film. And the audience is attracted by them. This is not a case with one actress many others are also involved in it. It is a totally commercial process.

This content does not harm to anyone’s character so don’t take it personally.

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